We virtually sat down with Jakob Sundblad, Solution Manager at Mavenoid, to learn more about his role and the Modeler team at Mavenoid. Jakob has been at Mavenoid for over a year and a half, where he first started part-time as a patented super modeler and then was promoted into a full-time solution manager role. Read on to learn more about Jakob and Mavenoid’s unique Modeler team.

What is a Modeler, and why is it unique to Mavenoid?
A modeler is a person dedicated to building and improving the product assistants using our tool. I see the role as a pure form of problem-solving. You mainly analyze Technical Support data and documentation to identify the most common product issues and their possible solutions. You must then derive the best user journey from problem description to resolution.

Mavenoid puts a high value on the initial investment during customer onboarding, and the modeler role is a big part of that. Because of it, we can build a great product support solution that is ready to be launched within just a few weeks.

What are your daily responsibilities as a Modeler?
You work closely with our Customer Success team and Business Development team to serve the requests from existing and potential customers. You’re also a unique authority within Mavenoid on how to use our tools, meaning you are always on the front line developing and providing feedback for product improvement.

How often do you connect with clients?
I work within Customer Success, and my primary responsibility as a solution manager is to develop solutions with our customers. Usually, the customer has a dedicated project manager as well with whom you often have daily contact. The customer meetings and interactions are often the most interesting parts of my day as you spend a lot of them brainstorming new and better solutions. As our product remains very customizable, there are very few limitations on what we can accommodate, making the brainstorming at many times very fruitful.

What’s a recent success story you can share?
Mavenoid is carving out and developing new use cases and features for automating customer support. One exciting instance of this was when we recently got the go-ahead to handle parts of the pre-sale support for one of our top customers.

It’s rewarding creating stand-alone solutions for sizing, ordering maintenance, and product and spare part selection, making them a part of our existing troubleshooting solutions that can turn automated customer support from cost saver to revenue driver.

What’s the best part about being on the Mavenoid team?
The best part is seeing and being a part of the company’s expansive growth over the last year. Both internally, where formal structures, strategies, and processes are rapidly getting developed, and externally, where we have signed many new clients, both big and small, and designed and launched new use cases across basically all of them. Another benefit of working at Mavenoid is the opportunity to be part of an international remote-first team!

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