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Help agents can kick-off chats with customers faster with AI Summaries

When a self-service support conversation is escalated to a live agent, we always provide them with a full transcript of the steps the customer took, attempting to resolve their issue on their own. However, since self-service assistant is quite thorough, the transcript of steps could be long and time-consuming for agents to read.

Now, using advanced AI technology similar to GPT-4, we generate a brief summary of all customer actions, saving agents time and helping them focus on solving the issue without needing to read the entire transcript.

AI Summary
AI Summary

Available on: Enterprise plan (currently in beta)

Instant access to technical knowledge via AI Retrieval in Mavenoid Copilot

Support agents and technicians assisting customers through email, live chat, CRM tickets, and other browser-based apps can now access answers from technical documentation such as manuals using the Mavenoid Copilot browser extension, powered by our advanced AI Retrieval engine.

This feature provides instructions, drawings, and other valuable content from a vast array of manuals, allowing agents to easily locate relevant knowledge snippets and share them with customers in a single click.

AI Retrieval in Mavenoid Copilot
AI Retrieval in Mavenoid Copilot

Available on: Accelerator Program and Enterprise plans.

Faster and more scalable self-service flow building for large organizations

Make hundreds of changes at once with Bulk Actions

Hardware brands have thousands of self-service content "bites" (we call them nodes) that often need to be updated for various reasons, such as reorganizing the knowledge graph, experimenting with new scenarios, or modifying topic availability per channel (e.g., making some topics visible only to internal agents using the Mavenoid Copilot extension).

We've made it much easier to toggle popular settings on and off for multiple nodes in bulk. This includes:

  • Include in Assistant search
  • Include in Mavenoid Copilot search
  • Generate Assistant Webpage
  • Step is potential solution
  • Step is triage

This update helps content creators work faster and more confidently when iterating on self-service flows. We've received overwhelmingly positive feedback on it from our creator community. Give it a try today!

Bulk editing
Bulk editing

Available on: all plans.

Easily configure relevant answers with new Conditions Management

Conditions are rules applied to nodes in a self-service support flow, allowing content creators to tailor specific parts of the flow to unique situations. They're great for brands with complex portfolios consisting of hundreds products, as they enable content customisation for individual user needs and allow to skip questions with known answers. Conditions also promote higher reuse of existing knowledge and reduce duplication.

We've enhanced our Conditions Management to streamline the process of adding these rules during flow building. Content creators now have a centralized hub for all conditions, where they can search and find them, see where each one is used, who created and edited it, and more.

Enhanced Conditions Management
Enhanced Conditions Management

Available on: all plans.

Our Flow Builder canvas used to be very fast... now it is lighting fast!

We've made significant performance improvements to the canvas for large flows, effectively doubling the editing speed. For example, when working with a flow of 500 nodes, moving a node now operates at about 10.7 FPS, practically eliminating any perceived lag during editing.

As a result, content creators can now manage updates in flows that are twice as large while enjoying the same or even better performance than before. This enhancement works nicely with the Bulk Editing update mentioned above. We understand the "need for speed" is crucial, and now you've got it!

Available on: all plans.

Honorable mentions

Consistent translations for brand-specific terms with Glossary

Hardware brands using Mavenoid can benefit from our built-in Translation Management System (TMS), which offers high-quality translations of self-service content in just a few seconds, thanks to our AI-powered translation engine.

We understand the importance of ensuring specific words or phrases are translated consistently to adhere to brand guidelines. That's why we've introduced the Glossary feature, where translators can define terms to be translated in a particular way across multiple languages. These common terms might include brand names (e.g., "Sweet Scooters") or domain-specific items, - all to maintain consistency and accuracy in your self-service content across all languages.

Built-in TMS glossary

Improved context menus on the Flow Builder canvas

We've enhanced the appearance and usability of various context menus on the Flow Builder canvas, making them easier to scan, more comprehensible, and better integrated with other menus in the Admin app.  

Updated context menus
Updated context menus

Coming up next...

Our team is busy working on a series of impactful updates harnessing the power of Generative AI combined with the hardware expertise we've acquired over time. These updates aim to:

  • Enhance the accuracy of understanding customer issues,
  • Further expedite agent work in live chat,
  • And significantly speed up self-service content iteration.

Keep an eye out for these exciting improvements, as they'll be rolling out in the coming weeks!

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