Greetings! It's time to take a look at what's new in the world of Mavenoid. Our latest January 2023 Product Pulse is packed with exciting updates. Let's dive in!

Enterprise-level Accessibility, Security and Compliance: now certified

Assistant Accessibility

1 in 5 individuals face physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or neurological challenges that make it difficult to access online information. Yet, customers with access needs account for at least 10% of market spending, making them a significant but often overlooked segment.

Mavenoid's product team is dedicated to making our platform usable for all, constantly improving the user experience for consumers and technicians using it on various devices.

In January 2023, we completed a round of accessibility improvements to Mavenoid Product Assistant making it WCAG AA compliant. This includes support for:

  • Text alternatives for images and video
  • Labels for input fields
  • Sufficient contrast between text and background
  • Keyboard accessibility

ISO 27001

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a non-governmental organization that develops and publishes international standards for various industries.

ISO 27001 is a widely recognized standard for information security management demonstrating that the company has implemented a comprehensive information security management system.

Mavenoid obtained ISO certification in January 2023 proving our company has a robust security program in place to protect sensitive data that was independently audited and certified by a third party.

Making content iteration and publishing faster and safer for large organizations

We've been hard at work making knowledge management more scalable. Our recent improvements to flow publishing make it safer, faster, and more transparent for organizations with a large number of products.

Now, when a flow is published, creators get a detailed breakdown of all changes made since the last version, including the names of editors and the nature of the changes. This is especially helpful for large teams working on a flow collaboratively.

Flow Publishing also gives the translation status for each language and links to any outstanding translations in the translation management system. This makes it easy for creators to quickly translate newly added content.

Errors, such as missing connections, are highlighted so that creators can resolve them in a guided step-by-step way before publishing.

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 14.20.26 (2).png

Our next big update is Bulk Publishing. It allows content creators to publish hundreds of flows and reusable components at once, or choose specific flows to publish. Easy as pie!

Available on: all plans.

Translation management is now faster and more flexible

We just made support content translation even easier!

We added two useful filters for Translation Memory and Machine Translation to streamline the review process. You can now focus on machine-generated translations, reducing the need for manual review.

We've also made it easier to review and translate new content. You can now link directly from the node editing modal to the Translation Management module for a pre-filtered view.

We're also giving you more control with Import/Export Translations in External Systems.

This new feature allows our customers to easily export and import data into our translation management system (TMS) using CSV It is now possible to filter TMS data by language and keys, then export it into a CSV file, and then re-use it with any external translation system that supports CSV. Re-importing that data back into Mavenoid is also supported.

Thanks to these updates customers can now easily manage self-service content translations, even if their translation vendor prefers to use their own localization tools.

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 17.52.30 (1).png

Available on: Accelerator Program and Enterprise plans.

Honorable mentions

Product Assistant can now be left-aligned

This new feature opens up a world of possibilities for brands, offering two major benefits:

  1. When there's competing content on the page, having the assistant on the left can be more user-friendly.
  2. Brands serving customers who speak right-to-left languages, like Hebrew, can now provide a more native experience.

With the left-aligned assistant, everything is mirrored, making it easy to use. The widget labels and step-by-step guides will appear to the right and the menu will open to the left. And with RTL support enabled, all content, buttons, and text inputs will also be mirrored.

Zendesk integration now supports internal notes for agents

We've just made it easier for your team to maintain context of customer support tickets on Zendesk.

The Update Ticket action now has an option to add a comment as an internal note. This means that your team can keep sensitive information, like agent notes or form data, hidden from the end user - so it will be added to the ticket but won’t appear in any customer-facing communications such as conversation transcripts.

Did you know that...

...product registration can improve upsell, cross-sell and reduce  warranty issues.

Hardware product registration is an important aspect for consumers and companies alike. However, consumers feel like there’s too much friction in this process!

A survey conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that although consumers value the idea of registering their products, only 31% of people always or usually register their purchases. 44% of people who seldom or never register products avoid doing so because it takes too much time or is inconvenient.

By catering to the consumers preferences , such as offering a mobile-friendly registration process, companies can increase their registration numbers, reducing warranty-related issues and creating opportunities for proactive support, upsell and cross-sell.

Look at the example of a full-blown product registration process handled in Mavenoid below.

To make the process even more efficient for customers, companies can offer a personalized QR code that pre-populates the product information, eliminating the need for manual input on mobile devices.

Reach out to your Customer Success manager, if you want to implement it in your Mavenoid Product Assistant.

We welcome your ideas on how to improve Mavenoid!

Use this form to submit your pain points, ideas, and feedback straight to our product team. As always, we are all ears and want to hear your thoughts!

Thank you and stay tuned for more updates ;)